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Ordering Pupae from BBC


Thank you for your interest in ordering pupae from Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre. Please check our current species and price list below. For any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on

By buying from us, you will be helping to provide a fair, alternative income to butterfly farmers and their families. Working in remote villages, we aim to support impoverished communities with few livelihood opportunites. Engaging rural families in sustainable butterfly farming also reduces pressure on forest resources and increases awareness of environmental issues.

Processing and Postage


We aim to deliver pupae within 10 - 14 days of receiving an order.

Pupae for export are collected from the farmer at approximately one day old and packaged and dispatched within two days, to ensure our customers receive pupae with several days until adult emergence (days left until emergence varies between species).

All pupa are quality checked for parasites, disease and signs of damage so that only healthy, quality pupae are supplied.

Pupae are carefully packed in polystyrene boxes and delivered by TNT, with required copies of import and export licences in place.

We deliver internationally.

Available Species and Pupae Price List


Common Name

Price per pupae

Papilio polytes

Common Mormon


Papilio demoleus

Lime Butterfly


Papilio memnon

Great Mormon


Papilio helenus

Red Helen


Papilio demolion

Banded Swallowtail


Pachliopta aristolochiae

Common Rose


Chilasa clytia

Common Mime


Graphium sarpedon

Common Blue Bottle


Graphium agamemnon

Tailed Jay


Graphium doson

Common Jay


Pathysa antiphates

Five Barred Sword Tail


Hebomoia glaucippe

Great Orange Tip


Catopsilia pomona

Lemon Emigrant


Catopsilis scylla

Orange Emigrant


Danaus genutia

Common Tiger


Tirumala septentrionis

Dark Blue Tiger


Parantica aglea

Blue Glassy Tiger


Euploea core

Common Crow


Euploea mulciber

Striped Blue Crow


Elymnias hypermnestra

Common Palm Fly


Elymnias nesaea

Tiger Palm Fly


Cethosia cyane

Leopard Lacewing


Delias pasithoe

Red Based Jezebel


Melanitis Leda

Evening Brown


Precis almana

Peacock Pansy


Hypolimnas bolina

Great Egg Fly


Lebadea martha

The Knight


Parthenos sylvia



Euthalia aconthea

The Baron


Euthalia lubentina

Guady Baron


Lexis dirtea



Polyura athamas

Common Nawab


Charaxes solon echo



Dysphania sagana

Yellow Moth


Attacus atlas

Atlas Moth


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